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We offer custom-written essays, dissertations, research papers and so much more. Our team of writers is over 800 people strong, from academic writers and scholars, to industry experts and ex-professors. We can offer you a level of value, service and quality that no other essay writing company on the US continent is able to offer.

We have a rock solid private and confidential clause that means we cannot and will not inform any third part that you used our services. Furthermore, all of our services are custom written, when means we only produce original and unique content that you can put your name to without fear of getting in trouble. But, if you are new the world of essay writing services, you may be asking why an honest student would use an essay writing service at all.

If You Do Your Essay and It Is Wrong

There are plenty of students that spend hours writing their essay only to finally figure out it is wrong. They could rush to create another quickly and hope they don’t fail, or they can use our essay writing service to ensure their work is perfect.

If Your Workload Exceeds Your Available Time

We receive requests from physicists, mathematicians, programmers, liberal arts majors, dissertation writers, and especially medical students, that tell us they simply do not have the time to complete their projects, which is why we step in to help.

If You Suffer a Bereavement

Life is not fair. It is going to beat you down and hit you with curveballs until you want to fall to your feet, pound the earth with your fists and cry. Some things in life you cannot avoid or plan for, but know that if the worst happens–we will be here for you to take up the educational slack until you return to form.

If You Cannot Do Your Assignment

There are times when some projects are simply too difficult. If that is the case, have us do your essay whilst you study up on the principles you do not understand yet.

If You Have Family Trouble

Families are great (sometimes), but they also cause you a lot of trouble that can interfere with your work. Avoid such disruption by having us write your paper for you.

If Your Essay Is Stolen By Another Student

This sort of thing happens more often than professors would like to admit. Students leave their laptops without passwords or on standby and their so-called friends steal their essays and hand them in as their own–leaving the hard working student high and dry.

If You Are Struggling

There are plenty of reasons you may be struggling, but if you are, let us write your essay for you so you can see how it is done.

If You Fall ill

Illness is going to strike from time to time because life is unfair. If you are lucky, you will become ill when you have time to recover. If your illness is interfering your with your academics, then use our services until you are back up to speed.

The Money Matters – Things You Should Know About Our Prices

The sheer breadth of talent, the academic prowess and the weight of experience that is poured into every essay makes our service the best value for money on the US continent. Our prices are so good and our quality is so high, that if we were not processing around 3600 orders per week, then we would have to work at a loss.

No Obligation Quotation Tool

Many essay writing services try to force you to sign up and join before you get a quote or use their quotation tool, but that is not the case with our company. Use our free quotation tool without signing up or giving any information. Use it for free as many times as you wish.

Free To Use Quotation Tool

Can you believe that there are essay writing companies out there that charge students for a quote for their work? We wouldn’t dream of installing such a callous policy.

Hand It In Quicker To Take Advantage Of The Longer Deadline Discounts

Most students do not know that they can get better prices if they hand in their essays earlier. Hand in your essay when your professor gives it to you, and you may enjoy massive discounts by choosing a longer deadline for your project.

A Reasonable Price Considering The Weight Of The Talent Behind Them

We have scholars, academic writers and ex-professors working on cheap essays around the clock, and the pool of intellect, experience and qualified people we have accumulated over the years is stunning. Yet, our prices are just below the market median, which proves that you get a great deal every time you order a cheap essay.

These Prices Do Not Include The Discounts

The free quotation tool is handy for getting a quote for your work, and some of the bulk-buy discounts will be applied–but not all of them. If you are taking advantage of a seasonal offer, or if it is your first time with you use the first-time buyer discount code, then you can have even more money knocked off your order.

Retaining The Best Writers Means They Cannot Be The Cheapest

We have made a deal with our writers. They work for a slightly lower wage if we guarantee them a full-time job where scalable projects may be taken. The people smart enough to take us up on our offer are able to earn substantial sums of money by working on essays for us. The money we save on wages, we pass down to the student consumer making the order.

Get A Full Quote For Your Work

There are no hidden fees and no after charges. We do not hide things such debit card fees, or early-completion fees, nor do we charge a release fee the same day your work is available. You get a full quote when you use our quotation tool, which means there are no nasty surprises waiting for you when you read your next bank statement.

What Does Our Customer Service Department Offer?

We have several departments within our main buildings, and one of them is our customer service department. You may give us a call to ask a question or raise concerns, and you may also contact us via our website if you have a longer or text-heavy question and/or concern. What does our customer service department offer?

They Are Efficient

The team has been especially trained to deal with any issues and questions that may arise, which helps to make them an extremely efficient unit.

Attentive To Your Needs

We do not spend money on marketing because we do not have to. We are attentive to your every need so that every problem is anticipated and preemptively resolved.


Many people complement our customer support on their professionalism. We are also pleased to boast that all of our customer support staff has English as their first language.


No stone is left unturned and no fact is left unchecked. Our diligent team of customer support professionals are here to help you when you need it the most.


College and university life is hard enough without uncaring and lackadaisical people on customer support lines, which is why we pride ourselves in our service with a smile routine.

Fast To Get Answer

Time is of the essence, especially when deadlines are looming. We understand that and we work to ensure you get answers to your question right away, or within a very short time span.

Quick To Resolve Problems

Have a problem or a question, or you want to add something to your essay? Get in touch with our customer service department and they will resolve the matter as swiftly as possible.

Highly Trained

We spend a lot of time and money training up our customer support staff to ensure they maintain a keen sense of duty and diligence.

The Things We Do Not Do

There are many essay-writing services out there that are not helping students; they are just in it for a quick buck. It has gotten to the point where we have to list the things we do not do in order to differentiate our service from that of our competition.

  • We Do Not Use Writing Mills
  • We Do Not Plagiarize Anything
  • We Do Not Re-sell Essays
  • We Do Not Rewrite Papers
  • We Do Not Spin Content
  • We Do Not Hire Freelancers
  • We Do Not Auto-translate Essays

We Offer Discounts And Freebies

If you order between 15 and 50 pages, then you get 5% knocked off your order. If you place an order for between 51 and 100 pages, then you get 10% off your order. If you place an order for 101 pages, then you get a massive 15% off. We also offer freebies that include:

  • Free Outline
  • Free E-mail Delivery
  • Free Formatting
  • Free Amendments
  • Free Title Page
  • Free Bibliography
  • Free Customer Support

What Are Our Writers Able To Write?

We have a number of departments within our essay writing company. Our buildings have a customer service department, an administration department, a technical department, and we have departments that work on our specific services. The services we provide include:

  • Paper Writing Services
  • Thesis Services
  • CV Services
  • Research Paper Services
  • Proofreading Services
  • Dissertation Services
  • Editing Services

We have such a large team of academic writers, of ex-professors, and of professional scholars, that we are able to handle any paper, essay, project and assignment set by a mainstream college or university. We even have writers that will complete your multiple-choice questions, write resumes, write you application letters, and will even write your proposals for you. Here are just a few of the hundreds of services we offer.

  • Personal Statements
  • Research Papers
  • Case Studies
  • Term Papers
  • Scholarship Essays
  • Presentations
  • Dissertations
  • College Essays
  • Abstracts
  • Coursework
  • Introduction Chapters
  • Academic Essays
  • Admission Essays
  • Reaction Papers
  • Literature Reviews
  • Results Analysis
  • Discussions
  • High School Essays
  • Coursework

The Pros And Cons Of Ordering From Us

There are a plenty of good things about ordering from us and a few bad things. Here is a quick pros and cons list.


  • Unique Content Every Time
  • We Hit Every Deadline
  • All Our Work Is Original
  • High/top/premium Quality
  • Consistent Work As Standard
  • Free Amendments
  • Students Return Term After Term
  • All Students Are 100% Satisfied
  • All Writers Are Degree Holders
  • Top Quality Even If You Order The Lower Quality Band
  • Real Experts/ Qualified Academic Writer
  • Error Free Work


– Your friends will be jealous of your improved grades and essay marks
– You will have more free time to eat and get fat
– People may assume you are generous for doing your essays so easily
– You will have to fight off amorous professors that are impressed by your intellect
– Your thumbs may hurt because you will have more time for gaming.