Top-5 Cheap Essay Services

The cheapest essay writing service that offers the highest value is, which is why it sits proudly atop this list. The other four are legitimate essay writing services that are based in the US, are taxpaying and that do not create plagiarized content or sell stolen essays. There are not many essay-writing services in the US that can make similar claims. The other four are not as economically priced as, and they cannot offer the same level of service, but they are honest–and in the writing world that is a big bonus.

1 – has the largest and most advanced writing team in the country, so it is no surprise that not only is the most popular and well respected writing service in the student community; it is also the most reasonably priced.

In terms of their pricing structure, they are just below the median market price, but in terms of value they are years ahead of the competition, and it shows.

They hire the best and most prominent academic writers in the country, and they retain them with the prospect of a non-stop stream of paid projects. The writers are free to work in the offices at whatever times of day they please, and gain access to a stream of work that allows them to earn a wage far beyond that any other writer in the industry is able to earn.

The online reputation of is so good that they do not have to spend money on advertising. Unlike other essay writing services that have to spend thousands on advertising, which they then have to make back via higher fees, has a 0% marketing budget. Their work speaks for itself, and the student community is happy to recommend them to their friends.

2 –

EssayShop are at the number two spot because their prices are cheap for what they offer. They mostly deal with homework projects for students, and even though they are able to complete essays and dissertations for students, they are not well known for excelling.

Their work is reasonably priced when you consider the competition, and they are able to maintain passing grades for their student customers. They are not really the type of writing service you would use if you wanted top marks, yet they are elevated above High School standards and freelance standards.

3 –

EssayLand is a reasonably cheap paper-writing service, but they are mostly used by immigrants that are working whilst on an education visa. If you are faking being in college, and are actually in the US to work illegally, then EssayLand is a good place to buy your cheap essays so that you may remain in college and only turning up for a small number of classes.

The reason that EssayLand is good for people working on a student visa is because they are good at creating essays that look like they were written by people with English as their second language. They are good at this because 90% of their writing staff are outsourced from places in the Middle East and from India. The way they write makes it appear that a person with English as a second language has written it. This helps to fools professors that may suspect a piece of work has been custom written by a writing service if it has perfect English within.

4 – Easy Essay

The EasyEssay group is only small, but they offer very cheap essays because most of their customers are High School students. They do offer services for college and university students, but most of their viral marketing is aimed at younger people, which is why most of their customers are High School students.

As you know, High School students rarely have much money, which is why EasyEssay lowered its prices to fit a young-student budget. Their order process is very simple and their turnaround times are very good because they rarely have to work on difficult or taxing projects. If you are a High School student, or want a passable essay, then you can try EasyEssay, but the value for money for non-High School students is questionable.

5 –

The people that run Buyessayonline used to be part of a writing group for, but they broke off and formed a small company of their own. There are only a handful of writers, which is why they only charge very low prices. Their marketing, web design skills and web content skills are pretty poor, which is why you do not get many orders.

If you are looking for bargain basement prices and you are not too bothered about getting more than a borderline pass for your project, then by all means try out this small writing company. They are not doing very well at the moment, so they may be out of business if you do not buy from them soon.