Social Media Impact On Our Daily Life

How Social Media Impact On Our Daily Life?

“Mother, where did you place my pigeon? I need to send this letter now, or I will not receive an answer before dusk!” Communication has come a long way since ancient Rome if you think about it. As technological advances have occurred, this new digital era has opened new horizons, in which we are able to engage with people all over the world, and social networks made this possible. Social media has become such a staple in our daily activities, that it is practically impossible to discern that we are able to live without it.
Social media has established new avenues through which the population can discover, commune, and enter in dialogue with one another. In a survey done in America, two-thirds of respondents (67%) said that they depend on social media for news (Elezaj, 2018). Hence, it is not necessary to leave your home or stay in tune with television since you can keep yourself updated on all the events that occur around you from your media outlets.

Businesses now have the capability to grow immense audiences and generate a great deal of sales revenues, all due to social media advertising. As Gordhamer said: “social media gives people who have time, but little money for advertising, the chance to engage with others and promote their business” (2009). As you are scrolling down on your Facebook newsfeed, an ad pops out about this new shop that sells Sephora beauty products, your favorite. Just like that, a business made a sale by connecting with its customers at a more personal level.
Thus, it is imperative that we understand that social media is going nowhere, and let’s take advantage of it. We have the capability to ourselves of daily events and create and boost enterprise from the palm of our hands. Web and social media are one and the same.

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