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How Reliable Are Different News Sources in Presenting Current Events About Racial Topics?

In this modern age of advancement and technology, you’d think equality, as well as racial acceptance, would no longer be a big issue since everyone would be well-educated, open-minded, and more accepting by now. Unfortunately, it has become even more controversial and thought-provoking than before. The media even makes the situation worse. Different news sources are absolutely not reliable in presenting current events about racial topics. There are two major reasons for this conclusion, which are the lack of diversity in the workplace of news companies and the manipulation of news stories.

The lack of diversity among employees of news companies has been a major problem since time immemorial. “Lack of diversity has consequences in terms of content.” (Cohen 1) Since the majority of news writers, researchers, and other people in front of and behind the scenes are not part of the minority, it will be hard for them to fully grasp the impact of racial issues and translate that into words and eventually, news articles. Empathy is not a common virtue at all, and we can perfectly witness that in how news sources present important racial issues and topics.

The two major reasons for the previously stated conclusion are actually related. When a powerful executive at a news company is not a part of the minority, it will be easy for him to manipulate how a major news story will be presented- most especially if it falls under a racial topic. More often than not, the most common reasons for media manipulation are connections and money.

Racism is one of the biggest issues that is currently tearing apart our present world. “However, a new generation of racial justice leaders — from Black Lives Matter organizers to immigration-rights activists — is using the Internet and social media to challenge traditional media’s stereotypical coverage of their communities.” (Torres 2) Improving how news sources present current events related to racism will be a major step towards worldwide equality and racial acceptance.

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