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Narrative Essay

Since our childhood, we learn how to be a good person, and one of the requirements is, to be honest. My parents always taught me that lying is a bad thing, and no matter what the lie is, it always has its consequences. I took all the lessons seriously until the one day when I thought that maybe sometimes lie could serve a good purpose.

I was six years old, and I liked to spend my time pretending I am a knight. Being an armed knight, I defended residents of the house. In unequal battle, I won the victory but defeated very expensive, beautifully made vase with golden patterns on it. I knew how memorable and important the vase was for my mom and taking advantage of the moment when she was cooking dinner. I decided to hide the truth about what I did. I picked up the fragments of a broken vase and hid them under my bed. When my mom noticed the absence of the vase, I said that I have nothing to do with it. I thought it is a good lie not to upset her.

Later this evening, I have seen my parents changing locks in the house. They decided that it was a robbery and it is not safe in the house. When my father suggested calling the police, I understood how wrong I was hiding the truth.

My good intentions turned into bad consequences, and I just needed to tell the truth. After I confessed, everything fell into place. However, I was ashamed, and more than once, I regretted my deed, but I reevaluated the importance of truth for a whole life.

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