Influence of the French Revolution on Modern Europe

How The French Revolution Shaped Modern Europe?

In the 18th Century, the flourishing nation of France began to face bankruptcy. The extravagant life led by their rulers, especially King Louis XVI, combined with their financial contribution to the American Revolution, was the root cause of their economic predicament. This situation took toll mainly on the peasants.
Eventually, France’s economic crisis would lead to a series of movements and upheavals towards the monarchy, mostly from the middle/working classes. After the creation of the National Assembly, the Great Fear would take place, followed by the dawn of the French Revolution. (“French Revolution”)

The years of the French Revolution had indeed brought forth drastic changes through nearly every aspect of the government system of France. First and foremost, the monarchy as a form of government was abolished. And so was feudalism, and thus reform in land ownership took place. Ideologies such as nationalism and liberalism were born because of the revolution. Furthermore, this historic movement destroyed oligarchy even among the neighboring European countries after having been occupied by France. Later generations of Europe would learn how to assert their rights against autocratic rulers, as a considered effect of the earlier French Revolution, and this would lead to the Age of the Revolutions. (Anirudh)

The proponents of the French Revolution weren’t entirely successful in achieving every goal they were aiming for. Violence and bloodbath became an inevitable component of this historical phase. Despite its failures, however, the French Revolution has set an example to modern Europe as well as to the rest of the world that the unity of the people serves as the power to initiate a reform to a national system, one that should be in favor of the rights and privileges of every citizen.

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